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Help! with Natalie Cuomo

Aug 30, 2021

This week, Natalie is joined by her friend comedian Eric Neumann (@imericneumann). They discuss dealing with the highs and lows of comedy, coping with the audiences response to a set, trying not to care when a comedian you respect walks into the room during your set, how male comedians have an easier time dating...

Aug 23, 2021

Natalie and Hannah Berner (@beingbernz) open up their hearts and talk about life! They discuss mental health, both growing up in NYC, building a female following, putting value on your looks, confidence, being competitive, the first show Natalie and Hannah did together, Natalie's days as a barista, Natalie even pulls...

Aug 20, 2021

Natalie sits down with comedian Onika McLean (@onikacomedy). They discuss finding your voice on stage, free writing every morning, the unique quality of NYC comedians, meditation, overthinking, needing to fall on your face to improve, making people laugh, finding true friends as an adult, responding to the pressure of a...

Aug 20, 2021

Natalie talks with comedian and podcaster Youngmi Mayer (@ymmayer). They discuss internet comedians, online trolls, confidence, when to turn down a gig, internalized misogyny, vulnerability, the cursed opening ceremony dress, and SO much more!